måndag 1 mars 2010

Post from lance at CHUM.LY


Thanks for that tip, johnwm, I'll try it asap.

It's shaping up to be an interesting week:

Sunday was Swine Flu-day, with fever, ache, no energy whatsoever and even some throwing up.

Monday was Accident-day. I hit my little toe on a suitcase, and now it's blue and swollen and I'm limping around the house.

Tuesday (that's today) is Otitis-day, since I woke up with a splitting pain in my right ear.

So what will tomorrow bring?

Good thing this post by email-thing worked like a charm! It sort of soothes the pain.,, ;)

Now I'm off for a four-five hour drive down to my parents-in-law, where we'll spend the week, helping them shovel snow (yeah, with a broken little toe - good luck, lance!) and playing with their dog. I'll try to report in as soon as we get there. Have a good day, chums!.. http://chum.ly/n/98d65 .

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