måndag 15 mars 2010

A final desperate attempt


I'm currently attempting a reinstall of my hacked, robbed, raped and pillaged Drupal site. This unfortunate business (I've been attacked twice during these past two weeks, the last one being the only to really do some serious damage, though) coincides with a major server crash that had already put the site on life support while preparing to migrate it to a new server.

This wouldn't have been so catastrophic if I had been better at backing shit up. But I am who I am so my last backup dates back to - almost to the day - two years ago. Now I'm mentally preparing to reinvent my Internet self as I'm pretty sure the reinstall will fail.

If I was into meditating, this would probably be a good time for that...     http://chum.ly/n/ad563

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lance sa...

Reinstall = failure

Reinvent will commence soon...

lance sa...

Got my new account now. Will - as already stated - commence reinvention soon. Tonight, maybe?

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