tisdag 20 april 2010


...is a site "intended for travel photographs that teach us about the world". It has a definitive aura of being a serious place, even after changing to a slicker and more professional-looking layout.

I joined TrekEarth in 2003, after a friend scanned my vacation slides for me. It was the combination of being able to show off my photographic skills, together with the informative aspect - every uploaded photo should be marked or tagged with country, title, medium (color or b/w), genre (places or people), one or more categories, date taken, state, city... The list is endless and will probably put some people off. I like it, though. I'm a sucker for filling out forms almost to an anal level and actually love to fill these things out. The "note" textbox is the central and most important part of this process, though. Here you write whatever you know on the subject. Informative notes can be marked "useful" or "neutral" by other users, making it possible to advance as a writer of notes (I'm a "silver note writer" at the moment). You can also mark any posts within a discussion the same way (and with the same result), encouraging not only discussion, but also in a constructive and friendly manner.

The downside of TrekEarth is that the site only allows you to upload one photo per day, and that the specs for these photos are limited. The photo must not be larger than 800 pixels and smaller than 250 pixels, and the maximum filesize is a mere 300 kb, requiring more than just a little work before a picture is uploadable and at the same time viewable.

But overall,  www.trekearth.com remains a nice looking photography site that I feel I should use more often. Makes one wonder why I don't?     http://chum.ly/n/d222e

Social Media Day!

I proclaim today to be SMD - Social Media Day. Or, rather _tuesdays_ to be that. Recently, I've realised that I have too many things going on and to few hours to do them on. So, using Google Calendar (although I think I will soon need something that better suits my needs), I've tried to structure my week so that each day has a theme. And today is Social Media Day.

My first point of interest will be take a look at relative newcomer  www.fotopedia.com/ and long time favorite  www.trekearth.com/ - check back later tonight for a review (or reviews). http://chum.ly/n/d1552

lördag 17 april 2010


I'm trying to organize my presence on the web by using Google Calendar. From now on, saturdays will be my "day off", while the rest of the days of the week have their preset focus.

Tomorrow will be social media day (SMD), which means this post should not be posted quite yet. But hey! Rules are meant to be broken.

And even if this won't work, It will at least give me a pretty straightforward view of how much I want to do, and how little time there is to do it.   http://chum.ly/n/d027c

söndag 4 april 2010

Sync Folders With Your USB Drive Using Allway Sync [Windows]

Sync Folders With Your USB Drive Using Allway Sync [Windows]

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