onsdag 24 mars 2010

Apache is functioning normally

Yeah, right... After the server breakdown that forced me to migrate my homepage to a new server and basically start from scratch (since my last backup was two years old), recreating and reimagining the concept of Lancefestivalen, I was proud to announce the rebirth of the site a couple of days ago.

Two hours after going live, the new server "short circuited" and I was once again forced to migrate. And for a while this afternoon,  www.lancefestivalen.se was back online, with only minor losses (content created and modules installed just prior to the crash).

But now it's offline again. And the equally unsettling and reassuring message that greets me, is that "Apache is functioning normally".

Yeah, right...   http://chum.ly/n/b985a

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Quotidian Kirkland sa...


lance sa...

I'm "commenting on this buzz" i.e. the post titled "Apache is functioning" normally. http://chum.ly/n/b9883

lance sa...

Quotidian Kirkland! I am replying to your comment now... http://chum.ly/n/b9944

lance sa...

Now I'm commenting on a comment originating from chum.ly http://chum.ly/n/b9945

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