måndag 22 mars 2010

Codename Old Galaxy


Elvar paused before the gate. Was he ready to meet with the ones responsible for sending his father back to the abandoned lands and - most certainly - his death? No, not really. But what choice had he? Taking a deep breath, he svung the heavy oak doors open and entered the hall of Eloon Niro and Ibfist, the two leaders of the Riders of Derik.

"I am Elvar, emissary of the Sons of Agon. I seek audience with your masters", Elvar said to the stout little man standing in front of him with a puzzled look on his face.


The above was written with some invaluable help from the Online Name Generator (online-generator.com/index.php). All aspiring authors or roleplayers know that one of the trickiest parts of the trade is to come up with original names for their characters. The ONG takes care of that with it's many types of name generators. And if you're not into fantasy or rpg's, you might perhaps be thinking of starting your own business?


Well, project "Silver Lantern" has now entered phase "Restless Limousine" and we at Greenla are excited to have come this far in the development of Dongcore. We have also signed a deal to have our product promoted by the popular R&B artist Thirsty Backpack on his North American tour this summer.


It might still be more fun than useful, but even so, it's inspiring and might even provide some fresh alternatives for the serious businessman...


Thirsty Backpack, the R&B artist, is joined by Navy Pink, Darling Yellow and BelieverBeliever on a one-off event in support of the superhero "The Lion", who was badly injured during his fight with Wildman Zutar and Audrey Darkblade. It was in the aftermath of that epic battle, that the world learned the true identity of The Lion: Ordinary schmuck Pierre Franklin.


Niels Gamborg has created a set of fun and harmless name generators that perhaps work best as inspirational tools. Just look at what I came up with, just by testing his site!

And apparently, there are more generators to come...       http://chum.ly/n/b6e0d

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Lancefestivalen sa...


Niels from Name Generators sa...

Thanks for the review and the kind words. :)

And you're right. It is mostly for fun, but in the process it might actually help you to think a out of the box or at least give a different approach to naming stuff. ;)

I gave you a back-link in return.

Lancefestivalen sa...

Yeah, the out-of-the-box experience was great! And I think "fun" never makes for a standalone argument in favor of anything. That's why I made a point of the fact that your generators could also prove to be a great inspiration if used creatively.

Thanks for the back-link! :)

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